Friday, January 4, 2013

We've Only Just Begun...Meet Cole

It's a New Year. It's a New Blog! 

A moment to introduce one of the key players :

Meet Cole. My blue-eyed baby...

You will get to know him. He's been in the Witness Protection Program most of his life. No photos allowed. As anyone who knows him can tell you, you pull out a camera and he's headed straight under the bed...all you typically get is a blur...see...

But, in his advancing age (8 1/2 years), he's mellowing a little...occasionally we actually get a good shot. He's still pretty much a scaredy-cat...stayed under the den table New Year's Eve the entire evening because of neighborhood fireworks...He barks non-stop all night, under the bed, during thunder and lightning...he sees things in the room above us that we don't see and he just generally thinks that someone is out to murder him at all times... Can dogs be autistic? Hmmmm....

I absolutely LOVE this dog...he's about the funniest little thing ever! In 2011, he was a real trooper when Susan Marquez and I drove from Mississippi to Maine (and back) to spend the month of May... Three days driving up and his first hotel room and elevator (that was interesting!)...He had SO much fun, though, running on our beach on the Mid-Coast of Maine!!

Recently, during some unusual "holiday down-time," I decided to do something special for ol' Cole. Found an easy recipe for dog treats on Pinterest: and started baking... Most everyone that knows me KNOWS I'm not a baker, but these were fun. I had cookie cutters in my pottery supplies, so I set out to bake... Well, several batches later (and one FULL, happy Cole later), I had piles and piles of  treats...Why not sell them? (yes, I am shameless...) Well, fourteen bags went to my pottery booth at Simply Spaces in Madison and they've been HOT!
I got industrious again the other day and have another batch headed to Simply Spaces today... 

Okay, so you've met Cole. He is important enough to be first, for sure... Next installment, I'll introduce myself and the reason for the blog name: Chicken Livers and Cherry Bon-Bons!

Wishing you good health and prosperity in the New Year!



  1. Love it! I will have to go get some treats for Bella and Beau!

    1. A bag already awaits on my kitchen counter with their names tucked inside...cuties....

  2. I'm gonna make them this weekend only in mini bites for mine.